Frequently Asked Questions (Lite)

Why are the LEDs not lit when I turn on the unit or pedal?

Make sure to install four fresh AA batteries in the page turner and three AA batteries in the pedal. The PageFlip Lite may be plugged into the wall using the supplied univeral AC adapter. Do not use any other adapter as that may damage the unit.

Why is the LED blinking and how do I stop it?

The blinking LED indicates that the PageFlip Lite is on but not yet paired with the wireless pedal. You must turn on the wireless pedal to proceed with the pairing process to make the LED stop blinking. The LED will remain on even if you turn off the pedal.

Why did the PageFlip Lite automatically shut down?

The PageFlip Lite and the wireless pedal automatically shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity. The page turner may also shut down if an error occurs during a page-turn cycle. Restart the page turner and pedal by moving the power switch from ON to OFF and back to ON.

Does the PageFlip Lite turn pages at timed intervals?

No. PageFlip Lite turns a page only when the user triggers it by pressing a button, tapping a pedal, or activating an external switch.

Why does the wireless pedal not trigger the PageFlip Lite?

Turn off both units to reset their wireless connection. Then, turn on the PageFlip Lite and observe that the LED blinks slowly. Next, turn on the pedal and observe that both sets of LEDs flash for three seconds and then remain on to signal that pairing is now complete.

What are the supported book sizes?

The PageFlip Lite can support books having approximately 500 pages with dimensions 9" (W) x 12" (H) x 1.3" (D). Although there is no minimum dimension, please note that narrower pages mean fewer sheets can be loaded on the arms for automatic page turning.

Which end of the book must the clamp be attached to?

When reading on a table or desk, the clamp must be attached to the bottom of the book. When using the PageFlip Lite on a music stand or piano, it is best to attach the clamp to the bottom of lightweight books and to the top of heavy books.

What is the advantage of clamping to the top of the book?

There is no need to lift the book to apply the clamp. Simply clamp to the top and hang the PageFlip Lite upside down on the clamp pegs.

Why do some sheets not reach the arm when loading?

The PageFlip Lite has ten forked arms, sitting at 0.75 inch intervals, beginning with the first arm that lies 0.5 inches from the center. The sheets of small books may therefore not reach all ten arms. A book with a width of 5 inches, for example, reaches only six arms (0.5" + 6 x 0.75" = 5"), allowing six sheets (12 pages) to be turned automatically before another batch of sheets must be loaded.

How can more sheets of narrow books be loaded on the arms?

Attach 3" Post-It notes to the sheet margins to extend their width so that they may reach the outermost arms. This only applies to the few sheets that would otherwise not reach a forked arm.

Why do pages not lie flat once they are loaded in the arms?

Depending on the thickness of the book, the stiffness of the spine, and the type of paper, the sheets may not sit flat. Try to condition the book before reading by pressing the pages open to loosen the spine before attaching the book clamp.

The pages are still not flat. What can be done to improve this?

The force that the clamp applies to one end of the book to help keep it open may cause pages to bulge on the opposite end. If necessary, attach a second clamp on the opposite end of the book to balance the restraining forces. You may use any standard clip for the opposite side to help balance the force and flatten the pages.

Does the PageFlip Lite work with looseleaf binders?

Yes, the PageFlip Lite can turn loose pages that are inserted in a thin looseleaf binder. Use looseleafs with 1 inch binding rings to hold up to 275 sheets. The rotary movement of the forked arms as they pass the center permits them to swing past the looseleaf binder rings without incident. However, the large release tabs used to open the binder rings will interfere with the movement of the forked arms. Therefore, only use looseleafs that have one release tab and attach the book clamp to the side without the release tab.

Why do my external Jellybean switches not trigger the unit?

Be sure to use the correct Y-adapter. Each Jellybean switch uses a 1/8" mono plug, whereas the PageFlip Lite has an outlet for a 1/8" stereo plug. Therefore, only a 1/8" stereo male to a dual 1/8" mono female Y-adapter will work.