Frequently Asked Questions


What are the differences between the PageFlip pedals?

The PageFlip Butterfly is a new and improved version of our original Cicada pedal. It is hefty, rugged, and features large silent tactile pedals. It is far better than competing products that offer only small buttons or unresponsive membrane switches. The PageFlip Firefly is our best-selling premium pedal. It has additional features beyond the Butterfly, including illuminated pedals for use in dim venues, programmable pedal modes, wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (USB) operation, added heft and ruggedness, and auxiliary outlets for external pedals that can turn the Firefly into a quad pedal system. Try the PageFlip Dragonfly if you want a fully integrated, compact quad pedal. It is an excellent for someone looking for practical guitar accessories, or for musicians of any type. Please refer to the comparison chart shown here.

Who stands to benefit from PageFlip pedals?

PageFlip Bluetooth pedals are wonderful accessories for musicians that don't want to stop playing to turn a page. They're fantastic for guitarists, pianists, violinists, vocalists, as well as horn and percussion players. They make great gifts for musicians or accessories for amateur players looking to take their playing to the next level. The pedal is also useful in many hands-free applications including teleprompters, medical apps, and foot-activated computer control.

Why is the pedal not turning pages?

Confirm that the device "Dual Pedal" (Butterfly), "Premium Pedal" (Firefly), or "Quad Pedal" (Dragonfly) is paired to your tablet or computer and that the correct pedal mode is selected. You should notice a single pedal LED blinking once every four seconds if the pedal is properly paired. The pedal acts like a Bluetooth keyboard and emits a key press each time the pedal is tapped. The pedal mode determines which key press is emitted. Some page turner software may require arrow keys while others may require PageUp/PageDown or other keystrokes. Try several modes until you find one that works. The default up/down arrow mode works for most applications. If you reprogrammed the mode buttons on the Firefly/Dragonfly, press the "Mode Reset" button on the rear of the pedal to reset to factory defaults. Note for unrealBook, Ultimate Guitar, and GoodReader users on the iPad: please refer to the Apps section of the FAQ for specific app settings. iPad users may also want to consult the "Why is my pedal no longer working with compatible iOS apps"? in the Apps section.

How is the pedal powered?

PageFlip pedals are designed to sip very little power so two AA alkaline batteries will last about a year. We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries as their capacity to hold their charge diminishes over time. Two AA alkaline batteries will last about a year so it is best to avoid the hassle of constantly recharging batteries. The pedal will emit a triple flash LED warning to signal that the batteries should be replaced, but you won't see that for about a year. You may also power the pedal using a USB cable (for Firefly and Dragonfly pedals only). Virtually all users power PageFlip pedals with AA alkaline batteries.

What can I do to see the pedal more clearly in low-light situations?

The black pedal may be hard to see when using it in dim lighting. Firefly and Dragonfly users can simply turn on the Light switch on the front panel to illuminate the pedals. They are the best choices for users who play in dim venues. To further illuminate the pedals, PageFlip now offers fluorescent self-adhesive stickers for all models of PageFlip pedals. You can order them here. Please make sure to specify the correct pedal model because the stickers are not interchangeable among the pedals.

Why the names "Butterfly," "Firefly," and "Dragonfly"?

The Butterfly pedal derives its name from the butterfly insect whose graceful wings inspired the pedal's sleek design. The PageFlip Firefly features illuminated pedals so its name is inspired by the gentle glow emitted by the firefly insect. The PageFlip Dragonfly is a quad pedal so it is named after the majestic dragonfly, which has a total of four wings.


Does the pedal work with iPad and Android tablets?

Yes, PageFlip page turner software pedals work with all iPad versions and all Android tablets supporting Bluetooth 2.1 or later. However, the pedals only work with apps that accept keyboard commands. The most popular compatible iPad apps are Forscore, OnSong, MobileSheets. unrealbook, and Newzik. The most popular compatible Android apps are MobileSheets, SongBook, Fakebook, GuitarTapp Pro, and ezPDF Reader. Click here for the full list of compatible apps. The list of compatible software is sure to grow. Check back here for updates. If you need to use the pedal with an incompatible iOS app, please follow these instructions.

Does the pedal work with Surface tablets and all Windows/Mac software?

Yes. PageFlip pedals emulate a keyboard that emits key presses. The pedal's emitted signals are determined by the pedal mode buttons. Any page turner software on a computer or tablet (e.g., Surface Pro) running Windows or MacOS will be able to interpret these key presses, whether they were triggered by tapping the pedal or any computer keyboard. Try PageFlip pedals with Power Music Software on Windows.

Does the pedal work with the Kindle?

PageFlip pedals work with Kindle Fire HD but not Kindle Paperwhite. However, Kindle software for the PC, Mac, iOS, and Android works with the pedal. On Android, use the left/right arrow mode instead of the default up/down arrow mode.

Can I connect the pedal to multiple iPads?

The pedal can only be connected to one iPad at a time via Bluetooth. It is possible, though, to allow one pedal to control several iPads via software. The forscore iPad app, for instance, has a Cue function that allows users to automatically coordinate page turns and program changes so everyone is literally on the same page. Cue permits one iPad to be registered as the "leader" and send signals to one or more "followers." It uses both WiFi and Bluetooth to discover and communicate with nearby devices, and performance may vary based on environmental factors. Please consult the forscore manual at

Can I connect other foot pedals to trigger page turns?

The Firefly features L/R jacks on the rear of the pedal that you can use to plug other foot pedals. The L/R jacks accept 1/8" mono plugs. We deliberately designed this capability to accommodate the preferences of our diverse users. Therefore, if you have any particular pedal or switch that you prefer over the Firefly's integrated pedal, then by all means plug it in! The Butterfly and Dragonfly do not have L/R jacks for external pedals.

Can the pedal withstand rugged abuse?

All PageFlip pedals are made of highly durable plastic that can withstand stomping and rugged use. The pedals were designed to meet these critical requirements for our most demanding users.


Which apps work with the pedal?

PageFlip pedals work with any app that responds to arrow keys or PageUp/PageDown key presses. A list of compatible apps can be found here. In general, if the app works with a Bluetooth keyboard, it will work with our pedals.

Can the pedal be used with non-compatible iOS apps?

The pedal works with any app that understands the key presses that are emitted by the pedal (e.g., arrow keys). Non-compatible apps require a swiping motion instead of key presses. Please follow these instructions to allow the pedal to mimic a swiping motion for use with non-compatible apps (e.g., Apple Photos).

Why is my pedal no longer working with compatible iOS apps?

For those customers with iPad Pro and the new Magic Keyboard accessory, there is an accessibility setting that you may choose to use called “Full keyboard access.” When this setting is enabled, all other accessories using computer keyboard profiles (including PageFlip pedals) are either ignored or the signals are swallowed up by iOS, and not being reported to the app. Turning this setting off restores functionality between the device and the app.

Why is the pedal not turning pages on the unrealbook app?

Confirm that the device "Dual Pedal" (Butterfly), "Premium Pedal" (Firefly), or "Quad Pedal" (Dragonfly) is paired to your tablet or computer and that the Up/Down arrow mode is set on the pedal. This is indicated by a blinking light next to the middle mode button. Then, make sure you go to the app's settings (tap the gear icon) and set Network->Airturn Setup->Airturn Support to ON. By default, AirDirect is set to ON. Make sure to turn it off by selecting Keyboard since the pedal acts like a keyboard. A checkmark should now appear next to Keyboard. NextSong switches should be left OFF. The unrealbook app will then respond to the Up/Down Arrow keys.

Why is the pedal not turning pages on the Ultimate Guitar app?

Confirm that the device "Dual Pedal" (Butterfly), "Premium Pedal" (Firefly), or "Quad Pedal" (Dragonfly) is paired to your tablet or computer and that the Up/Down arrow mode is set on the pedal. This is indicated by a blinking light next to the middle mode button. Then, open the app's Account & Settings->Pedal interface and set Airturn Settings->Keyboard to ON. By default, AirDirect is set to ON. Make sure to turn it off by selecting Keyboard since the pedal acts like a keyboard. A checkmark should now appear next to Keyboard. Then, go back to the pedal interface menu, press "Set up" next to "Scroll tab down" and press the right pedal. Repeat for "Scroll tab up" and press the left pedal. The Ultimate Guitar app will then respond to the Up/Down Arrow keys.

Why is the pedal not turning pages on the GoodReader app?

Confirm that the device "Dual Pedal" (Butterfly), "Premium Pedal" (Firefly), or "Quad Pedal" (Dragonfly) is paired to your tablet or computer and that the Up/Down arrow mode is set on the pedal. This is indicated by a blinking light next to the middle mode button. Then, make sure to activate the "page lock" mode in GoodReader. This permits you to turn pages in a PDF file with a Bluetooth pedal or keyboard. This icon is located at the bottom of the screen, near the right-hand side. It looks like a lock with arrows on each of its four sides. More information about this Lock Page mode is available in the GoodReader PDF Buttons and Control section of the manual.

Why is the pedal not turning pages on the MusicNotes app?

Starting with iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1, Apple had modified how the Operating System handles external keyboards, in conjunction with Accessibility settings and controls. With this update, hands-free pedals that emit arrow keys will cycle a cursor through the various buttons when you are viewing a song, rather than turning pages. Please follow the 9-step set of instructions given at the bottom of the MusicNotes support page to solve this problem.

Pedal Modes and LEDs

How do I reprogram the mode functions of the Firefly and Dragonfly pedals?

Download our free Windows or Mac software to reprogram the pedal functions. Pair the Firefly or Dragonfly pedal to your computer using Bluetooth. Do not use USB to connect the pedal to the computer during this reprogramming process. Run the PageFlip software to display an image of your pedal with overlaid text fields for specifying the desired mode functions. The program should show "Connected" to confirm that the pedal is properly paired to the computer. If not, exit the program and attempt to re-pair the pedal to the computer before running the program again. If the problem persists, the problem may lie in the fact that the computer's Bluetooth does not use a Broadcom chipset. In that case, you will need to acquire a USB Bluetooth 4.0 dongle that uses a Broadcom chipset. The dongle is available in the PageFlip online store . Once the program confirms that the pedal is "Connected" to the computer, click on each pedal field and press a keyboard button or on-screen button to reprogram the selected field. Press "Save" to save the entries. A message will be displayed to confirm the pedal status.

Why are the LEDs not lit when I turn on the pedal?

Make sure to install two fresh AA batteries in the pedal. The Firefly/Dragonfly pedal may also be used without batteries by plugging it into the wall using the supplied USB power cable and any USB AC adapter, such as those already included with iPads/iPhones. It may also be plugged into a computer's USB port for power.

What is the current pedal mode?

An LED is lit next to the current mode setting of the pedal. Simply press a different mode button to change the setting. The LED will turn off once the pedal enters sleep mode after an inactivity period of 30 minutes.

What are the different operating conditions signified by the LEDs?

A solid LED means that the pedal is plugged into a power source (Firefly/Dragonfly only). If the RESET button is pressed, the pedal enters Bluetooth discovery mode and all the LEDs flash in sequence. The LED flashes once per second after the pedal is turned on and is attempting to establish a Bluetooth connection with a paired device. The LED flashes once every four seconds to signal that the pedal is already paired. Repeated bursts of three quick flashes signal a low-battery condition. Please replace the two AA batteries once you see this triple-flash warning.

Do the Firefly/Dragonfly pedal LEDs stay on after the pedal goes to sleep?

The LEDs on the left and right pedals of the Firefly and Dragonfly are designed to remain on if the LIGHT switch is in the ON position. This is the case even if the pedal goes to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. Only the blinking mode LED next to the current mode button turns off during sleep mode. In fact, you will know that the pedal is in sleep mode if the pedal is turned on but all the mode LEDs are off.


What do I do if Bluetooth pairing is unsuccessful?

Delete the device displayed in the host and press the BLUETOOTH RESET button on the pedal. Initial discovery mode may take up to 10 seconds. Follow your computer's instructions on how to pair Bluetooth devices. Also, please make sure to use two fresh AA alkaline batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries since they do not hold their charge as well over time.

Is it necessary to pair the pedal each time I use it with the same device?

No, you must only pair the pedal once to a device (e.g., iPad/Mac/Windows computer). There is no need to pair it again once you turn on the pedal or device again. If you find that the pedal loses its pairing, then contact customer support. The only time you need to pair the pedal again with a device is if you paired the pedal to another device in the interim. The pedal only remembers one pairing at a time.

Can the pedal work with computers that have no Bluetooth?

Yes. To maintain wireless Bluetooth connectivity, simply plug in an optional USB Bluetooth dongle (3.0 or later) into the computer's USB port. The dongle is available here in the PageFlip online store . Follow your computer's instructions for adding Bluetooth devices. On the Firefly and Dragonfly, you also have the option of connecting the pedal to the computer with the USB cable (included) for wired connectivity.

Do I need to use a Bluetooth dongle?

The dongle is only needed if you are using the pedal with a tablet or computer that does not support Bluetooth 2.1 or later. Note that the dongle is never needed for any version of iPads or Macs since they all have Bluetooth support. Windows and Linux computers may come without integrated Bluetooth support so they are the only candidates for using the dongle. Dongles can be purchased here in the PageFlip online store.

Auto Repeat and Shutoff

Why did the pedal automatically shut down?

In an attempt to preserve battery life, the pedal enters sleep mode after an inactivity period of 30 minutes. Tapping a pedal will make the unit attempt to re-establish the Bluetooth connection. This may take a few seconds. It is not possible to disable this sleep function when operating in battery mode. The Firefly and Dragonfly pedals will never go to sleep if you use the supplied USB cable to connect the pedal to a USB AC adapter or a computer. You will know that the pedal is asleep if the pedal is turned on and there are no blinking lights. If the pedal is awake, a light will blink once every four seconds. It is advisable to tap the pedal once and verify that it turns pages when you want to use the pedal after a long delay lasting over 30 minutes.

When is the Autorepeat mode appropriate?

The Firefly and Dragonfly pedals feature an Autorepeat switch that can be used to emit a rapid succession of commands as long as the pedal is pressed down. Turn on Autorepeat if you are interested in fast browsing or scrolling. Turn off Autorepeat to avoid multiple pages from turning at once if you inadvertently press the pedal too long. It is therefore best to turn off Autorepeat during a performance.

Can the pedal turn pages at timed intervals?

No. All PageFlip pedals turn a page only when the user triggers it by tapping a pedal.

Virtual Keyboard

Can I use the virtual keyboard and the pedal at the same time on the iPad?

Press the current mode (CM) button, which lies next to the blinking light, to hide/eject the virtual keyboard. After you press the CM button once, you will be able to access the virtual keyboard to enter text whenever you need it for the duration of your session. Test it by tapping into a text field and confirming that the virtual keyboard appears on the screen.

Can I use the virtual keyboard and the pedal at the same time on an Android tablet?

On an Android tablet (e.g., Samsung Galaxy Tab series), go to Settings->General Management->Language and Input -> Physical Keyboard and turn on Show Virtual Keyboard. Use Samsung keyboard as the default.

Digital Sheet Music

Where can I find digital sheet music to download?

The best source for free classical music is the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) at Extensive collections of popular music can be found at,,,, or CD Sheet Music from is a great source of scanned classical music conveniently available on CDs. Search the internet for "sheet music download" to get updated results. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about where to find guitar accessories, sheet music, or accessories or digital sheet music for other musical instruments.

How do I import my books or sheet music into my computer?

You must scan the physical pages. For best results, try to avoid the shadows near the book spine by using a flatbed book scanner such as the Plustek OpticBook 3600. Visit for more details. A more cost-effective solution is to use a great new service provided by Simply mail them your books, and they will cut off the binding and scan the loose pages at 300dpi for $1 per set of 100 sheets. Additional charges apply for scanning at 600dpi or to apply a deskewing algorithm. Visit for more information. Please note that this is a destructive process. You will get a pdf file for each book you send but you will sacrifice your book in the process. They discard the book after chopping off the binding and scanning the pages.