Compatible Apps

Android: MobileSheets, Lyric Pad, SongBook, Fakebook, Lyrics Flipper+, Moon+ Reader, EBookDroid, Cool Reader, ezPDF Reader, EP45 Pro, GuitarTapp Pro, IMSLP, MuseBook, MuseScore, Musicnotes, Noviscore, Orpheus, Tomplay, and all keyboard-compatible apps.

iPad: ForScore, MobileSheets, OnSong, Avid Scorch, Alto Prompter, Baritone Sax Prompter, DeepDish GigBook, DrumSetlist Manager, Finale SongBook, Flute Prompter, GoodReader, GuitarTapp Pro, Hymnals, iAutoCue, iBandManager Pro, iBooks, iClassicScores, iCue, iGigBook, IMSLP, iReal Pro, Loopy, Loopy HD, MuseScore, Music Binder, Musicnotes, MusicReader, MusicPodium, My Lyric Book, Newzik, NextPage, NextSong, Noviscore, Oboe Prompter, PDF Expert, PiaScore HD, Planning Center Music Stand, Planning Center Projector, Play On Cue, Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs, Pocket Jamz Piano Notes, Power Music, PowerPoint, PrompterPal, Recorder Prompter, SampleWiz, Scorecerer, Scorio Music Case, SeeScore, Set List Maker, Setlists, Scorecerer, Set List Maker, Setlists, SongBook+, SongBook ChordPro, SongSheet, Steinway Etude, Teleprompt+, Tempo - Metronome with Setlists, Tenor Sax Prompter, TheGigEasy, Tomplay, Trumpet Prompter, unrealBook, Video Scores, Virtual Sheet Music, Word, and Worship Band in Hand.

Windows/Mac: All software on Windows/Mac is compatible with the pedal since they all respond to key presses. Try MobileSheets or Power Music Software on Windows.

Pedal reconfiguration: You can map arbitrary key presses, multi-key combinations, Fn keys, and media keys to Firefly and Dragonfly pedals. Download the free iOS/Android PageFlip app from PageFlip, Inc. to reprogram pedals modes for all Firefly pedals that are V14 or higher (see the label under the pedal). For all older Firefly pedals and all Dragonfly pedals, please download our free Windows/Mac software to reprogram the pedal modes. It is recommended to overwrite the least frequently used modes (e.g., the rightmost pedal mode). Once a pedal is reprogrammed, it can be used with any tablet or computer. Press the Mode Reset button on the back of the pedal to revert back to factory settings. Please refer to the Firefly and Dragonfly manuals or our online videos for more details.

Partner App: Ready to play? We collaborate closely with Tomplay, which offers over 80,000 interactive sheet music titles for all instruments and levels. All sheet music comes with high-quality audio tracks for you to play along with. SPECIAL OFFER: Try Tomplay with a 14-day free trial. Try it now!